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SIGVARIS designs a range of medical compression therapy solutions in response to those different needs. SIGVARIS Medical Products may positively improve the health of your legs by reducing venous symptoms and improving the venous blood flow. SPORTS products improve athlete performance and recovery time, while WELL BEING stockings have a preventive function and relieve the early symptoms of leg conditions. SIGVARIS WELL BEING products are intended for men and women with healthy legs who temporarily suffer from venous problems relating to specific situations in life such as long-distance travelling, pregnancy, work or weather. They serve to alleviate venous symptoms such as heavy legs, tired legs and swollen ankles.
Brand: Sigvaris
Sigvaris Eversoft Diabetic Socks 8-15 mmHg for Men & Women
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In Stock: 998
Price: $21.95
Brand: Sigvaris
Sigvaris 421 Merino Outdoor Closed Toe Socks 15-20 mmHg for Men & Women
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In Stock: 1000
Price: $44.95