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Form Fit Ankle Brace with Figure-8 Straps


Form Fit Ankle Brace with Figure-8 Straps
Form Fit Ankle Brace with Figure-8 Straps
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The Form Fit Ankle Brace with Exoform Technology is a hybrid between a rigid ankle stirrup and a soft ankle support. With a stirrup-shaped, plastic exoskeleton that conforms to the user's anatomy, it offers the comfort and compression of a soft ankle support with 20-35% more support than traditional stirrup supports.

Recommended for: 

  • Ankle injury, rehabilitation, mobilization for mild to moderate sprains and strains (Grade I/II)
  • Prophylactic use: support for chronically weak ankles

Size chart:

Size *Measured ankle circumference
Small 12 - 13 inch
Medium 13 - 14 inch
Large 14 - 15 inch
X-Large 15 - 16 inch
*To measure ankle circumference start from the base of the heel, go diagonally and cross the front of the ankle then back to the base of the heel.
Regular: $44.99
Product highlights:
  • The Form Fit’s ankle brace's advanced design provides the compression and comfort of a soft ankle with 20 - 35% more protection than traditional stirrups
  • Figure-8 heel lock strapping performs consistently, unlike taping that stretches over time
  • Speed laced design provides the option of a quick lace up
  • Aerospacer base material for comfort and breathability
  • Embedded stirrups provide excellent inversion/eversion support
  • Finger pull loops on heel and tongue for easier application

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