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Evenup Shoe Balancer Walker System


Evenup Shoe Balancer Walker System
Evenup Shoe Balancer Walker System
Evenup Shoe Balancer Walker System
Evenup Shoe Balancer Walker System
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Evenup Shoe Balancer Walker System is a new and innovative device that helps equalize a patient's limb length and reduce body strain while walking in a cast or fracture boot.

The Evenup is an easily removable and convenient fix for the frequent complaints of hip, knee, and back pain when using a high or low top walking boot (cam walker).
Patient's that have walked for only a short time without an Evenup on the shorter limb will immediately notice the improvement in their balance and gait.
  • Universal fit allows the Evenup Shoe Balancer to be worn on either the left or right foot
  • The Evenup is very simple to apply and use
  • The Evenup comes in Four sizes and two thicknesses

Small Medium Large Extra Large
Women's Shoe Size    
6 - 8.5
Women's Shoe Size 
9 - 11.5
Women's Shoe Size
12 -14
Women's ShoeSize
Men's Shoe Size        
 6.5 - 8
Men's Shoe Size
8.5 - 10.5
Men's Shoe Size
11 - 13.5
Men's Shoe Size
sole measurement between 10 - 11 1/4 inches sole measurement between 11 1/2 - 12 3/4 inches sole measurement between 13 - 14 1/2 inches sole measurement greater than 14 1/2 inches

*The measurement of the sole of the shoe is used to determine the appropriate size of Evenup™. See image below for the proper measurement technique.
(Note: It is generally best to choose an Evenup™ a little too small rather than a little too big. This means if your shoe measurement is between two of the measurements, like 11 1/4 inches - 11 1/2 inches, or measures 11 3/8, it is best to go with the small. Also note the shoe size the best correlates with the size as well.)

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