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Co-Flex Self-Adherent Wrap-Tan color

Andover Healthcare Inc

Co-Flex Self-Adherent Wrap-Tan color
Co-Flex Self-Adherent Wrap-Tan color
Co-Flex Self-Adherent Wrap-Tan color
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In Stock: 998
A general purpose cohesive bandage that is self adherent, used for all applications including the treatment of: 
  • Digital edema/swelling
  • Holding dressings in place
  • A light compression wrap
  • Latex-Free

Color:  Tan

Size: 1"x 5 yards

  • 2 rolls (of same color) per package
Regular: $11.99
A cohesive bandage used to secure, protect, compress or support.
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Controlled compression – will not constrict
  • 12 lbs tensile strength 
  • EasyTear– no scissors needed
  • Soft, strong – will not slip
  • Quick-stick and hold
  • Smooth soft surface
  • Latex Free

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