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Footsupplystore,com carries a variety of cushion products designed to reduce pressure, friction and pain associated with sore spots that can cause discomfort with walking, running, hiking or daily acitivty. carries bunion pads, metatarsal pads, "U" shaped pads, digital pads, toe spacers, buttress pads, sleaves to protect achilles tendon/ankle bones and auto adhesive padding,
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Metatarsal cushion Pads 1/4" foam


"U-shaped" cushion pads (1/8" foam)


Toe Foam Tubular Sleeve-1 inch


Toe Foam Tubular Sleeve-3/4 inch


Toe Foam Tubular Sleeve-5/8 inch


Gel Digital Pads


"All Gel" Digital Comforter


"All Gel" Toe Cap


Gel Digital Cap with Mesh Fabric


"All Gel" Toe Spreader


"All Gel" Toe Spreader With Ring


"All Gel" Toe Separator


"All Gel" Toe Crest


"All Gel" Bunion Protector


"All Gel" Tailor's Bunion Protector


"All Gel" Bunion Protector with Spreader


Auto-Adhesive Gel Bunion Protector


"Silky Skin" Thin Bunion Relief Sleeve


Traditional Gel Metatarsal Pad Pillow Deluxe Top Cover


Achilles Heel Protector


Gel Malleolar Sleeve (ankle cushion in Ice Skates, In-Line Skates, Ski boots, Braces)


White Adhesive backed Corn Pads (Non-medicated, 1/8" foam Offset Hole)


White Adhesive backed Corn Pads (Non-medicated, 1/8" foam Center Hole)


Interdigital Corn pad/Toe spacer (1/8" Foam)


1/4" Toe Separator/Spacer cushion pads (foam)


1/8" Toe Separator/Spacer cushion pads (foam)


Massaging Heel Cushions by Scott Foot Care


Heel lifts by Scott Foot Care Products


All Gel Sandal Thong Protector with Met Pad


Auto-Adhesive Gel Squares (2.5" x 3" Transparent top cover) for scar therapy


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